Feel like your accent is a


Beyond the Accent offers different training packages that can be determined after a free phone consultation.

See improvement in less than 2 weeks
Fast Results

A speech-language pathologist (SLP) is a certified professional who can identify the

sound and sentence errors in your speech that can negatively affect your intelligibility.

Speech-Language Pathologist MS CCC-SLP

Is Accent Modification right for you?

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Are you wanting to increaseyour confidence in American Standard English?

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Are you finding that you’re needingto repeat yourself to those around you?

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Do you have pronunciation errors in your speech and want to improve?

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Feel like your accent is a barrierto building connection at work or in your community?

What is Accent Modification?


Fast Results

See improvement in less than 2 weeks


Everyone has an accent.

An accent shows your culture and heritage.

Your accent tells your story. However, your accent may have caused you to feel embarrassed, doubtful and frustrated when someone does not understand you.

At Beyond

we strive to help you feel the most confident in your pronunciation

when dealing with professionals, customers, clients, friends and family. Our goal is not to take away your accent, but to improve your communication.


Start for just

$ 85

per class


Our Goal

The goal of accent modification is to increase your intelligibility across all settings.


Accent modification

is a systematic trainingthat focuses on intelligibility, naturalness, fluency, pragmatics, voice and resonance.

You should feel proud of your background and the hard work of learning a new language. Your accent should set you apart, but it shouldn’t hinder you from becoming an effective communicator.

How does it work?

It isvery Simple

Once given a comprehensive evaluation of your speech by a certified speech-language pathologist (SLP), the SLP will create a lesson plan according to the package you’ve selected. Each class with meet virtually once a week via zoom for 1 hour.

We will create a personalized journey that will address each client’s accent errors such as vowel and consonant pronunciation, rhythm, intonation, linking, reductions, and more.

In each one hour session, you will receive specific, real-time feedback, such as correct lip and tongue positioning, air flow and voicing that will ensure the best progress and guaranteed results.

min 2

Communication is a skill that you can learn. It's like riding a bicycle or typing. If you're willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life. –Brian Tracy

About Us .

Beyond the Accent offers different training packages that can be determined after a free phone consultation. In the consultation, the speech-language pathologist will listen to how you speak in conversation and can help you determine which package is right for you. At Beyond the Accent, we understand the frustrations that come from not being fully understood and we are determined to remove the barriers to not only increase your intelligibility, but also your confidence.

What the People Thinks About Us

Warner L

Two months with us

Living in the US over 10 years and still had some difficulties with pronouncing certain sounds. Working with Jasmin over the last couple months and I’ve noticed amazing improvement.

Nicholas A.

One month with us

Working with Jasmin not only helped me improve my English pronunciation, but also my confidence to talk and put myself out there.

Charles Patterson

One months with us

I have taken ESL classes several times in the past and none of them come close to what this training has done for me on a professional level, but most importantly, on a personal level. After the first month people started noticing the improvements in my accent pronunciation.


Unsure which package is right for you?

Please call us at 201-956-2060 for a free phone consultation where a certified speech-language pathologist can do a brief screen to recommend the appropriate amount of hours to take.

Discovery Package

  • Duration: 30 Min Complimentary Session
  • Features:
  • One 30-minute demonstration via zoom to understand the working of the system. 
  • Limited evaluation to identify the user's current proficiency level.
  • Brief introduction to the personalized approach Beyond the Accent uses to meet personal and professional goals.
  • A taste of our unique feedback system that corrects speech and language errors.
Starter Package
$ 85
Pay for 5 weeks at once: $425 (total for 15 weeks: $1275)
Duration: 1-hour weekly sessions
Unique Features:
15 Weeks of Virtual Training
Comprehensive evaluation
Sessions are via Zoom
Personalized sessions to meet personal and professional goals
Specific feedback to correct speech and language errors
Starter Pack: Handpicked beginner-level resources
This package is an entry point for users who are committed to their accent improvement journey.
Pro Package
$ 95
Pay for 5 weeks at once: $475 (total for 15 weeks: $2850)
Duration: 1-hour weekly sessions
Unique Features:
30 Weeks of Virtual Training
All features from the Starter package PLUS
Advanced homework assignments
Extra half-hour session weekly for queries
Group session for peer interaction and learning
This package steps up the intensity and provides an opportunity to interact with other learners.
Elite Package
$ 115
Pay for 5 weeks at once: $575 (total for 15 weeks: $4600)
Duration: 1-hour weekly sessions
Unique Features:
40 Weeks of Virtual Training
All features from the Pro package PLUS
Access to recorded sessions
'Elite Resources': Premium advanced-level resources
Monthly one-on-one coaching call to discuss progress and strategies for further improvement

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