Jasmin Duany is a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP), who has a passion for helping people find their voice.

She has experience working with different types of accents. Her experience includes travel to Thailand where she taught English as a second language for nine months.

She’s also been working with people from the following countries India, Cuba and England to help increase their intelligibility. She decided to increase her education and holds a certification in accent modification with the Rupp Method.

As a speech-language pathologist and an accent coach she is an expert in pronunciation training, inflection, linking and creating a strong and clear communication style. 

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Happy Customers trust Our Services

“If someone is speaking to you in a foreign accent they are smart enough to know at least 2 languages - and were brave enough to do their job in their second” -Amar Mashru

Warner L

Two months with us

Living in the US over 10 years and still had some difficulties with pronouncing certain sounds. Working with Jasmin over the last couple months and I’ve noticed amazing improvement.

Nicholas A.

One month with us

Working with Jasmin not only helped me improve my English pronunciation, but also my confidence to talk and put myself out there.